Free Covid-19 tests

Anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 will be able to get tested. The tests will be free, the Government states. In addition, the number of so-called antibody tests will increase.

The tests will be performed on a large scale across the country. The state will reimburse the regions for the extra costs associated with the tests.

Those who could possibly have symptoms of Covid-19 will be offered a test. This will be done by self-testing, where the test is delivered by courier to the home of the sick person, who may then perform the test at home. Thereafter, the test is collected by the courier company. The alternative to this is drive-in stations to which you can travel by car and get tested.

Antibody testing will also increase.

“There is money allocated in order for such testing to be free of charge for healthcare personnel, and also care workers, care service users, residential care facilities, home-help services and personnel employed in other essential services. The Government is aiming for the rest of the population to also be offered antibody testing but for a patient fee,” explains the Minister for Social Affairs, Lena Hallengren.

Source: Regeringen

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