National Board of Health and Welfare: During the pandemic, fewer people are visiting the emergency department

When COVID-19 broke out in Sweden, visits to the country's emergency departments dropped sharply. The National Board of Health and Welfare warns of the consequences.

Between weeks 10 and 14, the number of visitors to emergency departments fell by 31%. This fall related mainly to the 0-17 and 70+ age groups.
"Those who are experiencing mild symptoms of, for example, heart disease, cancer and other potentially harmful diseases, and delay seeking care, are at risk of sudden and serious side effects, functional impairment or, in the worst case, death," says Thea Enhörning, investigator at the National Board of Health and Welfare.
During the Corona pandemic, visits to psychiatric emergency departments have fallen by about 22%.
The survey also shows that the number of visitors attending dental care clinics almost halved from weeks 2-10 to weeks 14-16, when the number was at its lowest.
The survey, that was conducted by the National Board of Health and Welfare, shows that concerns over infection as well as an unwillingness to burden the healthcare system could be among the explanations.

Source: Socialstyrelsen

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