Testing of the outdoor signal for important announcements

Today, 1 June, the outdoor signal for Important Public Announcements, IPA (“Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten” or “VMA”) will be tested. The signal will sound continuously for seven seconds and will then be followed by a silence of fourteen seconds. This will be repeated six times. Thereafter will follow an ‘all clear’ signal, which is a continuous signal sounded for 30 seconds.

Important public announcement, IPA, is a warning system used in the event of accidents, serious incidents and disruptions to essential public services. The warnings are broadcast on the radio and TV and, in some cases, the signal "Hoarse Fredrik" (Hesa Fredrik) is used.

Each municipality chooses where they want to set up "Hoarse Fredrik". The signal horns are usually placed in densely populated areas and where there are, for example, industries or major roads and railways on which dangerous goods are transported.

In conjunction with the outdoor signal being tested, we at usually ask our readers to report whether or not they heard the signal where they are by placing a mark on a map. We will not use this form of crowdsourcing this time as we haven't had time to prepare the map and make required updates due to intensive efforts to tackle coronavirus. We hope that the map will be up and running in time for the next test, which will be on 7 September.


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