Changes in travel advisories for ten countries

From 30 June, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet, UD) will remove the advisory against non-essential travel to ten countries: Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. However, the travel advisory against non-essential travel to other countries remains.

The reason for opening up for the ten countries mentioned above is that they have in turn decided to open up for persons travelling from Sweden and the rest of the EU. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems that this reduces uncertainty for Swedish travellers.

At the same time, the authority would like to emphasise that a great responsibility is placed on the individual: people who travel to these countries need to evaluate whether they really need to travel, be well prepared for the country they are planning to visit, and be ready to follow the local authorities' advice and instructions. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, do not travel at all. Different countries have different procedures as regards the spread of infection, for example fever checks, mandatory use of face masks and the rules relating to social distancing.

Source: UD

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