Public Health Agency of Sweden: Feel free to exercise, but do it safely

Sports and exercise activities may continue, but certain precautions are needed to reduce the risk of spreading according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Physical activity is good for public health, and sports and exercise must therefore continue, regards the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Training, matches and local cups do not need to be cancelled due to the epidemic. Gyms, swimming pools and sports halls may also stay open. However, activities may need to be adapted to minimise the risk of spreading, for example by exercising outdoors. The Public Health Agency of Sweden has had a dialogue with the Swedish Sports Confederation, among others, and gives the following recommendations to those who are responsible for sports and exercise activities:

• If you are sick, even with mild symptoms, you must not participate in activities, but stay home for two days after recovery. If you fall ill during a sports activity, you must go home immediately
• People over the age of 70 years may not participate in indoor group activities. It is important for health that older people exercise, and physical activity and walks outside are recommended
• Reduce the amount of instances with close contact
• Do not share water bottles, mouthguards and similar which can transmit saliva.
• Ensure that there is the possibility to wash hands or use hand sanitiser, encourage good hand hygiene.
• Avoid crowding, e.g. when letting people in

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten

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