The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends remote learning

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that Sweden's upper secondary schools, municipal adult education, university colleges and universities implement remote learning due to the new corona virus.

The recommendation aims to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 in society.

– In this situation, it is fair to urge upper secondary schools, universities and university colleges that there be a switch to remote learning. Then instruction can be conducted without pupils and students gathering in classrooms and lecture rooms, says Johan Carlson, Director General of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Primary schools and preschools are currently not affected by the recommendation. The government, together with the parties in the Parliamentary Committee on Education, are investigating whether a new law can be proposed that would allow the government to guarantee care for children whose parents have socially important jobs if we end up in a situation where primary schools and preschools have to close.

Source: SverigesRadio

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