The Police: Limited possibilities for public gatherings and events.

The government has made a decision to limit the possibility for public gatherings and public events. The decision goes into effect from and including 12 March, and the limitation means a maximum of 500 persons. The police have the option of setting up or dissolving a public gathering or public event that is held in violation of the government's announced ban.

General meetings
• gatherings that constitute demonstrations or which are otherwise held for deliberation, public opinion or information in public or private affairs
• readings and lectures held for educational purposes or for disseminating general or civic education
• gatherings held for religious practice
• theatrical performances, cinematic performances, concerts and other gatherings to perform artistic works
• other gatherings at which freedom of assembly is exercised.

Public events
• competitions and exhibitions in sports, athletics and aviation
• dances
• fairs and amusements and party trains
• markets and trade shows
• other events that are not considered public gatherings or circus performances.


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