Public Health Agency: Low proportion of antibodies among elderly

The largest proportion of antibodies is found in people in Stockholm – and in the 20-64 age group. It shows the first results of the Public Health Agency's study of the presence of antibodies against the new corona virus.

The Public Health Agency collects blood samples from laboratories in nine health care regions to get an idea of ​​how many in the country have had covid-19.

The first results now show that the largest proportion of positive antibody tests are found in Stockholm. A total of 7.3 percent of the blood samples from people in Stockholm were positive. For Skåne, the proportion of positive samples was 4.2 percent and for Västra Götaland the figure was 3.7 percent.

The analyzes also show that there is a big difference between age groups. Antibodies were most common in people aged 20-64, a total of 6.7 percent of the samples in the group were positive. In the 65-70 age group, the proportion of infected persons was less, 2.7 percent.
The analyzes were done at the end of April and the figures therefore reflect what the epidemic looked like earlier in April.

Source: Public Health Agency

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