Sifo survey: Fewer say they have changed their behaviour

Fewer people state that they avoid social activities or public transport than a week ago. This was shown by a study conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

In the survey, more than 5000 people were asked about how they had changed their behaviour since the beginning of the corona crisis. Until last week, there had been a steady increase in respondents indicating that they changed their behaviour due to the pandemic. But the latest survey shows a break in the trend. One revelation is that share of respondents indicating that they have avoided public transport and social activities has decreased.

Some examples:
"Less participation in social activities outside the home" has decreased from 74 to 66 percent.
"Avoided public places where there are many people" has decreased from 72 to 65 percent.
"Use public transport less in everyday life" has decreased from 50 to 42 percent.
Read the entire survey, in Swedish at


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