A maximum of eight people may gather

The government proposes further restrictions on public assembly. Starting on 24 November, for a four-week period, only eight people may attend general gatherings and public activities.

The proposal provides that the police may cancel or disperse a public meeting or assembly with more than 8 participants. Anyone who organises an event in violation of the ban may face a fine or prison sentence of up to six months.

Previously, a 50-person limit for public assemblies was in effect, but now the government is proposing a further restriction. The motivation is to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease covid-19.

The former exemption for gatherings and events held at restaurants will be removed.

Public gatherings include:

  • gatherings that constitute demonstrations or which are otherwise held for discussion, expression of opinion or providing information on public or private matters;
  • lectures and speeches held for the purposes of teaching or for public or civic education;
  • gatherings for religious practice;
  • theatrical and cinema performances, concerts and other gatherings for the performance of artistic work, and
  • other gatherings at which freedom of assembly is exercised.

Public events include:

  • competitions and exhibitions in sports and aviation;
  • dance performances;
  • fairground amusements and parades;
  • markets and fairs, and
  • other events not regarded as public gatherings or circus performances.
  • Schools, public transport, private events and visits to shops are excluded.
Source: Regeringen

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