Decision on stricter general recommendations in Blekinge County

Region Blekinge has decided on stricter general recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading covid-19.

As of 11 November, everyone in Blekinge County is encouraged to:

  • Socialise only with the people you normally meet daily, your own family or people you live with. Do not participate in parties, dinners, afterwork events or other private events.
  • Stay home. Do not travel anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary. Exceptions are travel to and from work, studies or health care.
  • Work from home insofar as possible.
  • Employers are encouraged to offer and facilitate remote working and postpone business trips, conferences and other physical meetings
  • Do not visit shopping centres, museums, swimming pools or gyms where there is a risk of congestion. Exceptions are necessary visits to grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • Do not attend or participate in meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches or competitions. Exceptions are the performance of professional sports and sports training for children born in 2005 or later. Exercise outdoors insofar as possible.
  • Do not travel with public transportation at times when it can be crowded. Take walks, ride bicycle or travel in your own car instead.
  • All businesses that receive customers or visitors are encouraged to minimise the number of people who are on site at the same time, adjust opening hours and offer digital alternatives to a physical visit.

The stricter recommendations are applicable until 30 November 2020 but may be extended.


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