New recommendations for vaccinated

Three weeks after the first dose, people who have been vaccinated may meet indoors with others from a few different households. They may also go shopping in store. Vaccinated residents within elderly care residences can leave the residence to visit relatives. This is according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden's updated recommendations for people who have been vaccinated.

Someone who has been vaccinated with a first dose may after three weeks meet indoors with others from a few different households. People who have been vaccinated have good protection against serious illness and may shop in stores, but must not cause crowding for others. They can also socialise with children and grandchildren indoors without maintaining social distance, on the condition that no one displays any symptoms, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Vaccinated persons in elderly care can leave their homes and visit relatives. It is still important to think about protecting people in your social circle who are part of a risk group by following the advice on how to protect yourself and others.

Since the spread of infection in society is still large and it takes time before a larger part of the adult population is vaccinated, adjustments for vaccinated individuals must be made gradually. The basic advice of staying home if you are ill, washing your hands, keeping your distance and testing yourself for symptoms still applies to everyone in society.


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