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Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Hallands län

Updated: 21 Jun 2021 11:15

Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Varberg i Varbergs kommun, Hallands län. Det brinner i en industri på Batterivägen. Kraftig rök går in mot Varberg. Räddningsledaren uppmanar alla i området att gå inomhus och stänga dörrar, fönster och ventilation. För mer information lyssna på Sveriges Radio P4 Halland.

Sveriges Radio

Prolonged restrictions due to high rate of spread of infection

The Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden are prolonging several restrictions in the country until 17 May. This is because the rate of spread of Covid-19 remains high and healthcare services are under heavy strain.

There are now more patients with Covid-19 being admitted to hospital than during the autumn, and the number is increasing. The pressure on intensive care units is very high, and the number of people dying per week is no longer decreasing. County administrative boards are increasingly reporting that the general public is not complying with recommendations. Therefore, several restrictions are now being prolonged until 17 May. They may be eased after this date if the rate of spread of infection falls and pressure on the healthcare system reduces.

According to previous government decisions, municipalities in the country can prohibit people from being in places where there is a risk of crowding. Anyone who violates such a ban may be fined. Uppsala and Lund, for example, have introduced such bans for upcoming public holidays such as Walpurgis night (Valborg). 

The Public Health Agency of Sweden will also prolong certain rules that would have expired on 3 May, for example, that restaurants/bars/cafes may only remain open until 8:30 pm and that there is a limit of one person per party in such venues in shopping malls and department stores.

Sources: Regeringen, Folkhälsomyndigheten

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