Extended entry ban to Sweden

The government is extending the ban on entering Sweden until 31 October. The advisory against non-essential travel to most countries in the world is extended until 15 October.

The entry ban means that it will continue to be forbidden to enter Sweden from countries within the EU/EEA except the Nordic countries without a vaccination certificate, a negative test certificate or a certificate showing recovery from Covid-19. Entry from countries outside the EU/EEA is only permitted for those covered by one of the entry ban exceptions who can also show a negative Covid-19 test.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is extending the advisory against non-essential travel to most countries until 15 October. This is because the pandemic is not yet over and the situation is still uncertain and can change rapidly.  

The traveller bears a great deal of responsibility, even when travelling to countries not on the Ministry's advisory list. Travellers are advised to read carefully before travelling, to follow local rules and to plan their return trip in advance.

Swedes are advised to continue to follow the Public Health Agency's general recommendations to keep their distance, wash their hands and avoid large social gatherings. It is important to observe these precautions even when abroad.


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