Recommendation to be tested after staying abroad extended

Infection tracing shows that many COVID-19 cases can still be linked to foreign travel. The Public Health Agency is therefore extending the recommendation to be tested when entering Sweden from outside the Nordic Region.

The test should be a PCR test and should be done as soon as possible after entry, whether you have symptoms or not. People who have been to countries outside the Nordic Region should also be extra careful in their social interactions and not spend time with people in risk groups, for example.

The recommendation applies to both Swedish and foreign citizens. Exceptions are made for people who have been fully vaccinated for two weeks or are under six years old.  As of 1 September, people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last six months are also exempt.

Until now, there has been a recommendation to also get tested five days after arrival, and quarantine at home for one week after arriving from certain countries. This recommendation will be removed on 1 September.

The recommendation is valid until 31 October.


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