Government extending national restrictions

The Government has decided to prolong the alcohol ban after 8 pm at venues serving food and drink and is proposing more measures by means of the pandemic law.

Following discussions with the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Government has decided to extend the following restrictions and recommendations:

  • The ban on serving alcohol after 8 pm at venues serving food and drink is being extended until 14 February. At the same time, the Government is proposing an extension of the ban until 28 February and is sending out the proposal for consultation. After 28 February 2021, it is proposed that serving alcohol should be prohibited after 10 pm.
  • Government authorities' commitment to increasing the proportion of its employees working from home will be extended until 31 May 2021. Only employees who must be physically present to carry out their work should be present on authorities' premises.
  • Regions and municipalities will continue to be encouraged to keep any services that are not indispensable closed until 21 February 2021. This concerns services to which the general public has access. 

The Government is proposing more measures with the support of the new pandemic law:

  • More practical rules for general gatherings and public events. It is suggested that the number of participants may vary depending on whether the event is held indoors or outdoors and how large the venue or area is. The Government is also reviewing the possibility of outdoor races. 
  • The Government is carrying out a review of whether there is a need to develop proposals for infection control measures for long-distance passenger services, such as train and coach services.
  • The Government is prepared to shut down shops, gyms and restaurants if the infection situation worsens.  

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