Signs of increased spread of British virus variant

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has investigated more than 2000 cases of Covid-19 to detect the presence of the British mutated virus variant in Sweden. Eleven per cent of the samples proved to be of the British variant.

In other European countries, up to 90 per cent of the cases have been of the British variety.

"In Sweden, it's too early to draw any firm conclusions about the spread at regional level. But the fact that so many cases were discovered in spot checks indicates that, like many other European countries, we have an increased spread of the British virus variant," said Public Health Agency Unit Manager Sara Byfors.

The Public Health Agency recommends that everyone travelling abroad be tested when they come home and again five days after their return. In addition, they should avoid contact with others for a week to reduce the risk of more cases of the new virus variants entering the country and spreading further.


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