Parliament says yes to new pandemic law

The Swedish Parliament has said yes to the government's proposal for a temporary pandemic law. The law allows regulation of more businesses than currently possible. For example, the law can be used to close shopping centres and gyms. The temporary COVID-19 law will take effect 10 January and expire at the end of September 2021.

If the government, with the help of the new law, closes down a business, the Swedish Parliament must review the decision within one week.

County administrative boards and municipalities can decide on local measures, such as closing down a business. It will also be possible to impose restrictions on premises and areas rented out for private gatherings.

With the help of the new law, the government and authorities can decide upon infection control regulations in more businesses than before, including gyms, sports facilities, libraries, campsites, museums, zoos, shopping centres, shops, service facilities such as hairdressing salons, party venues and public transport. 

The new law not only makes it possible to limit visitor numbers and change opening hours to prevent crowding, but also further enables the government to limit people's use of public spaces. This can include how large a group may gather in a public area and bans on being in a particular place, for instance bathing areas, city parks, etc.


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