Travelers from Norway are urged to get tested and to avoid contact with others

The Public Health Agency of Sweden urges everyone who travels into Sweden from Norway, or who has recently been in Norway, to test for covid-19 and avoid contact with others.

Norwegian authorities fear a major outbreak of the new virus variant originating in the UK in the Oslo area.

The Public Health Agency urges everyone who travels from Norway, or who has been in Norway for the past 14 days, to stay at home for at least seven days and to avoid contact with others. They are also encouraged to get tested as soon as possible after arrival in Sweden with a follow-up test five days after arrival. The rest of the household should also stay at home while waiting for test results.

Work commuters to Norway should avoid meeting other people than those in their own household when they are not at work. Norway requires regular testing when commuting to work, and those who commute to work do not need to test themselves beyond that. Those who live in the same household with the one who commutes to work do not have to avoid meeting others.

Much remains unknown about the new virus variant, and research is underway to find out if it is more contagious than other variants.

The Swedish Public Health Agency already has corresponding recommendations for people who have been to the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil.


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