Weather warning concerning snow and storm in parts of Northern Sweden

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute has issued weather warnings for heavy drifting snow and storms in parts of northern Sweden.

Update, 22 January, 13.57: The warning concerning heavy drifting snow has been upgraded to the highest warning level, class 3, for Västerbotten coastal areas. Major traffic problems can occur and the public is advised not to venture into traffic. 

Update, 22 January, 0745:

The warnings for Västerbotten and Västernorrland have been extended with heavy drifting snow expected from Friday until Saturday morning. Also, the Norrbotten coastal area can expect heavy drifting snow during the same time-frame.

Update, 20 January, 1800:

Severe road and rail traffic conditions can be expected in the area. Do not venture out in traffic unnecessarily. Major roads will be prioritised as regards clearing of snow. Some trains have been taken out of traffic.

Original text:

There is a warning for Norrbotten County of a storm in the northern Lapland mountains that is expected to pull in Thursday morning. In Västernorrland and the coast of Västerbotten, heavy drifting snow is expected on Thursday.

When a class 2 warning is issued for a storm, the wind in the villages can become hurricane strength and visibility can be non-existent. It is dangerous to stay on the mountain.
In the event of a class 2 warning for heavy drifting snow, traffic problems can arise, as well as disruptions in electricity and telecommunications.