New restrictions for amusement parks and museums

From 25 March, new restrictions will be introduced for museums, art galleries, amusement parks, zoos, theme parks and similar facilities. The aim is to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

In brief, from 25 March, these facilities must:

  • Calculate the maximum number of simultaneous visitors they can host and ensure that the number of people present in the business's area does not exceed maximum occupancy limits.
  • Ensure personnel are provided with information about hygiene measures and offer their visitors and customers the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser.
  • If the business has attractions, such as a carousels, take measures to reduce crowds on and next to the attractions.

In general, businesses such as amusement parks, theme parks and zoos and similar facilities have large areas, but crowding can nevertheless occur in individual locations on a facility's grounds, such as at entrances, attractions and places of interest when visitors are not evenly spread over the business's area. The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) has therefore decided that an area of 20 square metres per person is required to run such businesses in a Covid-secure way.

Museums and art galleries must have 10 square metres per person, just as for shops. However, the number of visitors must never exceed 500 people, regardless of how large the premises are.