The Swedish Public Health Agency proposes extended anti-crowding measures

The Public Health Agency estimates that anti-crowding measures in shops and restaurants need to be extended until 3 May, due to the increased spread of infection in most regions.

On 6 March, several business restrictions took effect to reduce crowding and the risk of contagion. The measures expire on 11 April.
The Public Health Agency is now proposing that the measures be extended to apply from 12 April to 3 May.

According to the proposal, the maximum number of five hundred people in a total area of operations would continue to apply. Shops, malls and shopping centres must also take measures to ensure that visitors come one-by-one. Children and people in need of assistance do not have to shop alone.

At dining places that are part of a place of commerce, no more than one person may comprise a party. One must therefore eat alone. However, this does not apply to children or people in need of assistance.

Dining places may not have table service between 8:30 pm and 5:00 am, but may remain during that time for takeaway service.

Sources: Folkhälsomyndigheten, the

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