People aged between 18 and 65 are recommended to have a third dose

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that people between the ages of 18 and 65 should be offered a third booster dose of the vaccine. The dose is to be administered according to a special order of priority.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that the regions work on the basis of an order of priority in which the general rule is that those who are older are vaccinated first.
1. Persons living in sheltered accommodation, persons receiving home care or home help services, and everyone aged 80 and over.
2. Persons aged between 65 and 79, and staff working in sheltered accommodation, home care or home help services.
3. Individuals aged 18 years and older with grants from LSS, the provision of assistance allowance under the Swedish Social Insurance Code, and people who belong to a medical risk group for severe Covid-19 illness. As well as people aged between 50-64.
4. People between 18-49 years of age.

Healthcare and care staff, including LSS staff, who are at great risk of exposing the virus to risk groups, may also be prioritised. Provided that the vaccination of other groups is not affected too greatly.

People aged between 18-65 may receive an additional dose six months after their last dose. The recommendation for people aged 65 and above is still to wait for five months after the last dose.

When Moderna's vaccine, Spikevax, is given as an additional dose, it it administered as a half dose, while the Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech is administered as a whole dose. The Comirnaty vaccine is recommended for people born in 1991 and later.


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