Proposal for measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19

The Swedish Public Health Agency has developed a proposal for infection control measures that will apply from 1st December. The measures concern how indoor public gatherings and events with more than 100 attendees can be carried out with or without vaccination certificates.

Indoor events with more than 100 attendees which do not use vaccination certificates must, according to the proposal, adopt special infection control measures:

  • The attendees must have a designated seat.
  • Groups have to be able to keep a distance of at least 1 metre sideways, forwards and backwards from other groups.
  • The number of attendees in one group may not exceed 8 people. If there are more than 8 attendees in a group, the person who organises the gathering or event must divide the group.

These measures are not necessary if vaccination certificates are being used.

If vaccine certificates are being used

According to the proposal, an organiser who uses vaccination certificates must have a procedure for how the certificates will be checked. The procedure must be in writing and it must be monitored.

General advice for other businesses

The proposal includes general advice for organisers of public gatherings and events, leisure and cultural activities, shopping areas and markets. The councils have to make it easier for businesses to avoid crowding and thereby reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. This could, for example, be a matter of staggering visitor arrival times, developing alternative solutions to physical queues and directing attendees to different or specific entrances or exits. The general advice applies both to events that use vaccination certificates and those that do not.

The proposal is now being sent for consultation to gather responses. The introduction is planned for 1st December.

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten

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