Changed recommendations to stay at home with respiratory infection symptoms

After 1 November, those who are fully vaccinated, or who have recently had Covid-19 can return to work or school without being tested, reports the Public Health Agency of Sweden (“Folkhälsomyndigheten”).

The new recommendations mean that children of pre-school age, those who recently had Covid-19, and fully vaccinated people can return to work, school and preschool if they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours and feel healthy. This even if some respiratory symptoms persist. It is up to each individual to assess when they feel healthy.

All children and adults are advised to stay at home if symptoms of respiratory tract infection occur. As before, unvaccinated people are recommended to get tested for Covid-19 and stay at home while waiting for a response.

"Staying at home when you are ill is obvious. But with the new recommendations, we clarify the importance of staying at home if you get respiratory infections and at the same time provide more guidance on when you can return to preschool, school, work and leisure activities," says Department Manager Britta Björkholm.

These new recommendations are introduced because the Public Health Agency does not want too far-reaching advice in the event of symptoms. The vaccination rate has increased, which has also reduced the risk of widespread spread of infection and morbidity in Covid-19, writes the Public Health Agency of Sweden.


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