Booster shot for more groups

Update October 2: The Swedish Public Health Agency has changed the recommendation regarding the vaccine from Moderna. Their assessment is that only half a dose is needed for those who receive a booster from Moderna. Original text: The Swedish Public Health Agency ("Folkhälsomyndigheten") recommends that people at increased risk of severe Covid-19 be offered a vaccine booster. This includes those who live in care homes, those with home health care or home care and everyone who is 80 years and older.

Experience to date indicates that vaccinations against Covid-19 have had a very good effect against serious illness and death. However, data indicates that the effect of the vaccinations carried out at the earliest stage in the vaccination program is beginning to decline, especially among people over the age of 80. The regions also report an increased number of outbreaks in sheltered housings.

The Swedish Public Health Agency has therefore decided to recommend a third dose of vaccine as a booster for people in the following groups and in this order of priority:

•    Occupants of sheltered housing for the elderly
•    Persons with home care as allocated by the municipality and persons with home health care services
•    Everyone who is 80 years and older.

A third MRNA-shot is recommended six months or more after the previous shot. Because Moderna's vaccine contains more active substance, ie mRNA, than Pfizers vaccine do, the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends half a dose for those who are to get a booster from Moderna.

Everyone in the proximity of at-risk persons, both staff and relatives, should be vaccinated against Covid-19.  

Since early on, persons with severely weakened immune systems due to illness or treatment are recommended an extra dose of Covid-19 vaccine.


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