Information regarding a fire at Stena Scandica

Update 30 August, 08.27: The passenger ferry Stena Scandica is on route to Nynäshamn using her own power.

Original text: A fire was detected on Monday on passenger ferry Stena Scandica  on route from  Norvik in Sweden to Ventspils in Latvia, carrying 241 passengers and 58 crew. The fire was located to a truck’s cooling container on car deck and the crew could put it out using the extinguishing system onboard.

Due to the incident, Stena Scandica lost power. The crew, supported by the company, has been working to restore the onboard systems and one engine is now fully operational and the vessel is proceeding under her own power to Nynäshamn. The integrity and stability of the vessel have not been compromised and the vessel is safe to proceed on the short voyage. In addition to the tugboat the vessel will be escorted by two search and rescue craft.

As a precaution, it was decided to evacuate passengers with extra need of assistance using helicopters. The evacuation happened in a calm and collected manner, together with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC). In total 32 passengers were evacuated. 26 passengers were taken to Destination Gotland’s vessel M/S Visby, which had been on standby close to Stena Scandica the last hours. An additional six passengers were taken straight to the city of Visby due to the weather conditions.


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