Several measures against Covid-19 may be phased out on 9 February

The Public Health Agency of Sweden estimates that the wide spread of Covid-19 can reach its peak in the coming weeks. The spread of infection has resulted in high absence due to illness, which risks affecting essential functions. Therefore, the measures that were introduced in December and January still need to be in place for an additional two weeks. The authorities believe that they can then be phased out.

– The measures against the spread of Covid-19 must be proportionate and not more restrictive than necessary. If the vaccination coverage rate continues to increase at the same time as the impact on essential functions and the development of the morbidity of Covid-19 does not change significantly, I believe that a number of the measures can be phased out on 9 February. It is still important to protect those who are most vulnerable to the illness and that everyone who has the possibility of being vaccinated does so, says General Director Karin Tegmark Wisell.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden will decide on a plan for phasing out measures at the beginning of next week. Then the authority will also inform more details about the phaseout.


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