Important Public Announcement regarding fire and smoke in Uppsala

Update 09:43, 12 May: The public warning regarding a fire in Uppsala has been withdrawn.

Original text: There is a serious fire in a recycled paper factory in Boländerna resulting in heavy smoke development. The leader of the resuce operations recommends that anyone who is bothered by the smoke goes indoors.

For more information please tune in to Swedish Radio P4 Uppland.

Update 11/5 15:05:

Uppsala local authority writes that the emergency services are continuing their work to control the fire and smoke. When the emergency services start moving the paper piles and tearing down the buildings, fire and smoke could flare up again. The important public announcement is therefore still in place and a recommendation is made to anyone seeing or feeling the smoke and being affected by it to stay indoors and close doors, windows and ventilation.

The forecast from the emergency services is that the extinguishing work will continue for at least another day, Uppsala local authority wrote on Wednesday.

Source: SverigesRadio

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