Important public announcement in Åre Municipality, Jämtland County

Update August 8th, 10.25: The warning regarding flooding in Åre has been withdrawn, but the residents of Åre are being asked to stay away from Susabäcken.

Non-residents are asked to avoid Åre village if possible. It is possible to pass by Åre village via the E14, but the minor roads in the village are not drivable.

Original text: The Susabäcken stream has flooded, causing large amounts of water to flow through the village of Åre. As a result, all roads through Åre, including the E14, are closed.

Everyone in the vicinity is urged to stay indoors, and anyone planning to travel through Åre via the E14 is urged to choose another route, if possible.

Source: SverigesRadio

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