Red warning for high water discharge and flooding in Gavleån River

🔺 Recent rain has caused extremely high flows and flooding in the Gavleån River. SMHI has issued a red alert, which is the most serious level of SMHI weather alerts.

🔺 Red warning for high flows 

The alert for high flows applies between Forsbacka and Gävle in Gävleborg County.

How can the alert for high flows affect me?

  • Extremely high current velocities in watercourses;
  • Water levels seen on average every 50 years or less.

🔺 Red warning for flooding

The alert for flooding applies around lake Nedre Säljet downstream of lake Storsjön and Forsbacka.

How can the alert for flooding affect me?

  • Flooding of houses
  • Flooding of roads
  • Flooding of environmentally hazardous areas or contaminated land

🔶 Orange Flood Alert

SMHI has issued orange flood alerts for Voxnan and the Sillerboån River in Gävleborg County and in several other parts of the country. Here you can see the orange alerts that have been issued. 

Risk of serious consequences

A red alert is the most serious level of SMHI’s weather alerts and can have very serious consequences for society. The weather could endanger the public and cause major damage to property and the environment. There is considerable risk of disruptions to various services, such as public transport.

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