Orange weather warning regarding wind and snow in the alpine region

🔶 In Northern Jämtlandsfjällen and southernmost Västerbottensfjällen very strong westerly winds are expected together during tuesday with heavy snowfall, which may, among other things, lead to reduced visibility.

On Tuesday morning, a deep low pressure system begins to move in over the Lapland mountains, causing the wind further south to veer west and increase rapidly. At the same time, snow or snow showers continue to drift in, the largest amounts ending up near the Norwegian border. The westerly wind is expected to be very strong, 18-24 m/s, perhaps locally even storm force over 25 m/s. It is expected to be windiest during Tuesday late morning, and then during the afternoon decreasing from the north.

How can this affect me?

  • No hiking is recommended in mountainous areas.
  • Rescue efforts in mountain environment can be risky and may take a long time.
  • Very difficult to move and set up or anchor tents.
  • Very difficult to orientate due to severely reduced visibility.
  • High risk of frostbite.
Source: smhi

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