Orange warning for wind and snow in the Northern Lapland mountains

SMHI has issued a orange warning for wind and snow in the Northern Lapland mountains. The warning applies from Tuesday 24 January at 20.00 to Wednesday 25 January at 14.00.

The weather expected is westerly to southwesterly winds of around 15-20 m/s, locally up to 24 m/s, while a snowfall moves in from the west. The snowfall will be at its heaviest late Tuesday evening and the night of Wednesday, and then ease off during Wednesday when the wind also subsides.

SMHI strongly advises against going out on the mountain. Keep in mind that rescue efforts are made more difficult in a mountain environment in this type of weather.

In addition to the orange warning for the Northern Lapland mountains, SMHI has also issued yellow warnings for wind in the mountains regarding the Norra Jämtlandfjällen and southernmost Laplandfjällen during the same time period. Inexperienced visitors are advised not to go out on the mountain.

Source: smhi

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