Orange warning for wind and snow in coastal regions of Västerbotten

SMHI has issued an orange warning for wind and snow in coastal regions of Västerbotten. The warning applies from 28 November at 08:00 – 29 November at 07:00.

From Tuesday morning snowfall, that can be abundant, in combination with wind. During one day, 15-30 cm of snow can fall. An orange level warning is the second most serious warning.  

Traffic conditions in the coastal areas of Gävleborg, Västerbotten, and Västernorrland counties can be difficult, following the The Swedish Transport Administration ("Trafikverket").  A yellow level warning (the lowest) because of snowfall has been issued in those areas as well as in Stockholm and Uppsala county. School transportation har been cancelled during Tuesday for Gävle, Uppsala and some adjacent areas.   

How can this affect me?

  • Very limited accessibility on roads, especially in open landscapes, that, for example, has not been cleared of snow or due to traffic accidents.
  • Delays in bus-, train- and air traffic as well as canceled departures.
  • Likely power outage in areas with overground power lines, which also affects mobile networks for telecommunications.
  • Check with your municipality if you have questions about winter road maintenance or school transport.
Source: smhi

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