🔶Orange warning for high water level in Skåne

Update October 21 at 09.30: SMHI has downgraded the warning to a yellow warning. The yellow warning for high water levels along the southern coast of Skåne is valid until 22.00 on October 21.

Original text: SMHI has issued an orange warning for high water levels for the south coast of Skåne. There is a risk of extensive flooding when the water level rises in connection with strong winds during Friday evening.

How could it affect me?

  • There is a risk of widespread flooding that may cause limited access to roads and railways.
  • Ports, buildings and commercial activities near the coast are at risk of major damage due to flooding.
  • The clearance under bridges is reduced, some ports cannot be accessed and moored boats and ships can be damaged.
  • Sensitive coastlines may be subject to erosion damage.

There are also several yellow warnings issued. There is one yellow warning for wind in southern Skåne where gusts of 25-30m/s are expected. There is also a yellow warning for high water levels in Blekinge county.

Disruptions in train traffic

Due to the storm, the Swedish Transport Administration has closed several railway lines in the southern parts of the country. There are cancelled departures and a risk of accessibility problems on roads. The Swedish Transport Administration urges travellers to keep up to date  and plan their journey well in advance.

Source: smhi

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