No entry from the UK and Denmark

The Swedish government announced on Monday that entry bans to Sweden from the UK and Denmark will be introduced, due to the new variant of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The ban will take effect at midnight, the night before Tuesday 22 December. The government has also decided to discourage unnecessary travel to the UK.

The ban mainly means that all persons except Swedish citizens traveling from the United Kingdom or Denmark will be expelled if they try to travel into Sweden. Exceptions will be possible for people who transport goods and the like. For Denmark, people who work or live in Sweden will also be exempt.

The entry ban applies until 21 January 2021 or until further notice.

Passenger aircraft from the UK will be stopped from 16.00 today, Monday, and until Wednesday 23 December at 16.00 This is pending a joint EU discussion on the issue. Transport flights are not covered by the flight stop.

The Public Health Agency urges travelers from the UK, from 12 December onwards, to get tested for covid-19 as soon as possible. Travelers from the UK are advised to stay in home quarantine and avoid contacts for at least seven days. The testing should be repeated on day five from return.

Pressrelease from the Public Health Agency (in Swedish) - Deleted link


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