Covid-19 vaccination begins on 27 December

On 27 December, vaccination against Covid-19 will begin in retirement homes in Sweden. The first shipment, with 9750 doses, will be distributed to all regions of the country.

"The goal is for everyone over the age of 18 and everyone under the age of 18 who is in a risk group to have been offered a vaccine during the first half of 2021," says Minister for Social Affairs Lena Hallengren.

During the next week (28 December-3 January), a first major delivery of approximately 80,000 doses is expected. After that, deliveries of the same size from Pfizer/Biontech are expected every week in January. T

he vaccination against Covid-19 will be done according to need. People living in retirement homes and those with home care services, as well as staff who work closely with these groups, will be vaccinated first.

Source: Swedishgovernment

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