Covid certificate for travelling to Sweden from the Nordic countries

The Public Health Agency proposes that the government introduce requirements for Covid certificates when entering Sweden also from the Nordic countries. Previously, the requirement applied to countries outside the Nordic region.

Due to the generally high spread of infection in the Nordic countries and the increasing prevalence of the omicron variant, the Public Health Agency proposes that travellers must present a Covid certificate to travel into Sweden from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. The requirement will not include Swedish citizens or permanent residents in Sweden. 

Extended recommendation for testing 

From now on, all travellers are recommended to test for Covid-19 as soon as possible after arrival in Sweden. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons and also those who have presented a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival. Children under preschool age are exempt from the recommendation.

Special recommendation for commuters

People who commute to work or who regularly cross the Swedish border to study are recommended to be tested for Covid-19 once a week. Other exempt groups are, for example, border workers, children under preschool age and children who live alternately with parents in different countries. They do not need to take tests.