New suggested measures against Covid-19

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has drawn up proposals for new measures to slow down the spread of infection from Covid-19 and reduce the pressure on the healthcare system. The most important measure is increased vaccination coverage.

Vaccination coverage needs to increase among individuals aged 50 years and under, in order to slow down the increase in the spread of infection currently being seen in several regions.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has drawn up proposals for advice, which the Swedish government will now consider. These can be implemented independently of each other.

Examples of proposed measures:


  • Keep your distance from others and avoid crowding
  • If possible, choose means of transport other than public transport
  • Wear a face mask on public transport if crowding cannot be avoided


  • Make it possible for employees to work from home to a certain extent
  • If possible, hold meetings digitally instead of physically
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Take measures to make sure that employees are able to keep their distance at the workplace wherever possible

 Plus advice to hospitality venues about crowding and to public transport.



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