Warning class 2 for heavy drifting snow

SMHI has issued a warning class 2 for heavy drifting snow in Västerbotten county coastal area and Jämtland county except mountain area.

Jämtland county except mountain area
Heavy drifting snow from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon from the area around Storsjön and northwards.

Västerbotten county coastal area
Heavy snowfall moves in from the south on night to Tuesday. During the night and Tuesday fresh easterly wind. Tuesday night the wind decreases and the snowfall decreases in intensity.

Definition from SMHI for Warning class 2 heavy drifting snow:
Snowfall with more than 12 mm (melted form) up to 25 mm within 12 hours, together with a fresh wind (over 8 m/s). Significant traffic problems. If temperatures are near zero degrees then electricity and telephone services may be disrupted. If the forecast changes to more heavy snowfall with 25 mm or more within 12 hours together with a fresh wind (over 8 m/s), the warning is updated to a higher warning class.