New weather warnings introduced

From 26 October 2021, new weather warnings will replace the old ones. The new warnings will be yellow, orange, and red. The new system is expected to make it easier to understand which problems the weather can cause.

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, have introduced new weather warnings. They are consequence-based and regionally adjusted, so they will be more relevant and usable for everyone.

Instead of the previous classifications 1, 2 and 3, the new warning system now has three warning colours in different symbols: yellow, orange and red. The red warning is the most serious.

The warning level will be set based on which consequences the weather is expected to have in a given area. A yellow warning in the new system does not correspond to the previous class 1. As the warnings are based on consequences, a yellow warning may also mean that individuals and social actors need to prepare themselves.

– The purpose of the change is to increase the relevance and quality of the warnings, so that everyone in the community can prepare, such as before a snowfall. A better decision basis is important for both social actors, such as municipalities and emergency services, and individuals, says Fredrik Linde, Manager of SMHI's prognosis and warning operations.

Weather warnings are published on SMHI's website and on the weather app. Warning information is also spread via the responsible authorities.

SMHI weather warnings in English


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