Orange flood warning

🔶 SMHI has issued an orange flood warning in the counties of Gävleborg, Halland, Kronoberg, Dalarna and Värmland. The risk of flooding is a result of the recent heavy rainfall.

The flood warnings apply to the following watercourses:

  • Gävleborg, Testeboån, Harmångersån, Sillerboån Voxnan and Vallaån.
  • Halland, Himleån and Suseån.
  • Värmland, Årosälven and Norsälven.
  • Kronoberg, Lower Lagan.
  • Dalarna, Vanån, Siljan – Lower Österdalälven River.

For detailed information about the warnings, see SMHI’s warning page.

What does an orange weather warning mean?

Orange level weather warnings mean that the weather could have serious consequences for the local community. The weather could endanger the public and cause major damage to property and the environment. There is considerable risk of disruptions to various services, such as public transport. The impact of the weather may vary locally. This means that particularly vulnerable areas may suffer very serious damage. Individuals or groups that are particularly vulnerable may also be very seriously affected.