Weather warnings - High water discharge and flooding in river Kävlingeån

As a result of snow melting and rainfall, waterflows are quickly increasing along Kävlingeån river in Skåne county. Weather warnings have been issued regarding risk of flooding.

Update 31/: The red warning for high flows no longer applies.

Original text:

The red level warning for high flows is in effect for the Kävlingeån downstream of Vombsjön toward the sea. The orange level flood warning is in effect for Kävlingeån, downstream of Vombsjön toward Kävlinge.

How can it affect me?

Flooded land by rivers and lakes can affect buildings and roads. It can be dangerous to be in the vicinity of the watercourse as there can be extremely high current speeds in watercourses.

Roads, railways and buildings can be affected by flooding. 


The red high flow warning is in effect from 12:00 on 25 January until further notice. The orange flood warning is valid from midnight on 26 January.

Red warning

A red warning for high flows means an extremely high risk of flooded land adjacent to rivers and lakes and in low-lying areas, with impacts on buildings, roads and viaducts, for example, and extremely high current speeds in rivers.

A red warning is the most serious level of SMHI's weather warnings.

Orange warning

Orange level weather warnings mean that the weather could have serious consequences for major roads and public transport. The weather can become a danger to the public and cause major damage to property and the environment. There is a high risk of disruption to community services.

Source: smhi

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