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Gäller, Flera områden

Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Jönköpings län:

Uppdaterad: 25 jun 2024 02:39

Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten i Vaggeryd i Vaggeryds kommun, Jönköpings län. På grund av en brand i avfallsanläggning strax norr om Vaggeryds tätort, med kraftig rökutveckling, uppmanar räddningsledaren alla i området att gå inomhus och stänga dörrar, fönster och ventilation. För mer information lyssna på Sveriges Radio P4 Jönköping.

Sveriges Radio

In English about the forest fires

This page is archived and will not be updated. In July 2018 there were large forest fires in different parts of Sweden. This is where information and warnings from the Swedish authorities were compiled.

For updated information in English about the fires, go to the Swedish Radio's web site Radio Sweden. For detailed information in Swedish, listen to the local radio channel Sveriges Radio P4. 

If you have questions about the forest fires, call 113 13, the Swedish national information number for emergencies. 

SOS Alarm urges the public to call 113 13, and not the emergency number 112, for information about the forest fires. 

Road traffic may be affected in areas where firefighters are working to extinguish a fire. Beware that it may be dangerous to enter forests where there has been a fire. Some areas have been sealed off and there may be a prohibition to enter. 

Before travelling through the affected areas, please check the Swedish Transport Administration's current traffic information and listen to the local Sveriges Radio P4 station for updates about the fires and warnings from the authorities.

Maps of areas affected by forest fires are difficult to keep updated, as the situation can change rapidly. SOS Alarm's information (in Swedish) about the fires, and a map of fires, updated daily