Chemical leaks or toxic fumes

If you find yourself surrounded by toxic fumes or gas clouds, do not move with or against the wind direction, but straight aside and away. A person who has breathed in something toxic may suffer from headache or nausea and immediately needs to breathe fresh air and rest.

Anyone who has difficulty breathing or whose consciousness is affected must quickly get to a hospital. Call 112.

If you have health-related questions that are not urgent, call 1177. 
Whenever public health is at risk, for example if there is a leak of poisonous gas or toxic fumes from a fire, an Important Public Announcement (“Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten” or “VMA”) may be issued. The VMA warning system consists of outdoor sirens and warning messages in radio and television and on

The message will give you instructions on how to protect yourself. In case of toxic fumes or poisonous gas, go inside, and close the doors, windows, and air vent. Follow reports on Swedish Radio's local radio channel P4.