MSB Warns of Extreme Risk of Fires in Central and Southern Sweden

Over the weekend, the fire risk is expected to reach very high levels in southern and central Sweden. MSB reports that the situation is extremely serious and urges the general public to exercise great caution.

"In addition to the extremely high fire risk level, very strong winds are also forecast. This combination means a greater risk to life and health, as this is a densely-populated area", says Jakob Wernerman, head of operations at MSB, in a press release.

MSB urges everyone to respect the fire bans, and to be careful with all types of fire since a small spark can quickly spread and have serious consequences. The main focus is on not causing fires in forests and fields. It is also important to not cause events that result in rescue services being dispatched unnecessarily.

Information about the fire ban in several languages

MSB previously published information about the fire ban in several different languages. This has now been supplemented with a sign language version and more.

MSB's information on the fire ban in other languages

SMHI's fire risk forecast (in Swedish)