SMHI issues hurricane and storm warnings in northern areas

On Friday, SMHI announced a number of category 2 warnings of windy weather in northern Sweden. Winds are expected to be most extreme in the uplands of northern Lappland, with hurricanes of at least 33 metres/second.

It will also be very windy in the uplands of southern Lappland, where SMHI is warning of gale force winds of about 25-50 m/s, which can also cause snowdrifts.

Category 2 storm warnings have also been issued for the interiors of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, respectively. In the mountains of Lappland, the wind is expected to come late on Friday night and calm down again around midday on Saturday.

Inland, it will become windy on Saturday and the wind is expected to finish late on Saturday night.

Class 2 is the most serious warning class for wind in mountain regions. For a hurricane, an average windspeed of at least 33 m/s is expected, which makes it very difficult to walk upright. In the case of loose snow, visibility is zero and it is very dangerous to stay in the mountains.

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